Band : Hellraizer
Genre : Death Metal
Album : The Fourth Dimension
Origin : Nganjuk, Indonesia
Year : 2011
Web : Hellraizer

HELLRAIZER was formed on December 28th, 2008 in Nganjuk City , East Java,Indonesia. Hellraizer genre Death metal, HELLRAIZER influenced by bands such as Nile, Cannibal Corpse,Suffocation, Decrepith Birth, Spawn Of Possession, Necrophagist, Hour Of Penance, And The Faceless... Formation of HELLRAIZER now is Tino (Monster Voxkill),Rizky (Technical Shredding Guitar Symphony),Joshua (Bassick),Rudy (Blast).HELLRAIZER until now only has 1 album demo EP entitled "Bleeding Tragedy" which contains 4 songs. And a demo album entitled "The Revenger" which contains 8 songs. And Now For New concept 2011,Hellraizer Gave birth to a demo that was given title of "The Fourth Dimension" .That in the near future will soon be released in the 2012.

01. Intro
o2. Intuition Of Dogma
o3. Consonant Dimension
o4.Vomiting, Diminish, Slaughter
o5. Blind Revenge
o6. Journey To Hell (Instrumental)
o7. Brain Dead
o8. Beyond Cryptids And Moth Evolved
o9. Oasis Of The Seas

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