Band : Brain Ability
Genre : Death Metal/Technical Death Metal
Asal : Magelang,Indonesia

Brain Ability- Rotten depression Inside

Bio :
we just ordinary people and we were came with our motivation to change this world, the world that attacked and hurt by bad humanity. Our desire began at 17 January 2010 from Febri's (vocal) idea to made some band with motivation lyrics and some death story, than he asked to Reno (drum) and Faiz (guitar, than bass later) so they did the first training with undestinations. We thought to looking for lead guitar, at last we met Seta (lead guitar) and Faiz has turned into bass and we chose Deathcore genre to play. We keep training and showing our skill from one event to other. After that, we need some symphonic on guitar, so we recruit Riva'i (rythem guitar) and than we turned our genre into Death Metal because there was a lot of band with Deathcore genre, and we want to be different band from the others on our region. That is awesome formation for us now. Finally we released our first demo on 1 January 2012 with entitled " Rotten Depression Inside" and we will release our second demo soon.. so support us guys :3

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