Band : Dramatical Misery
Genre : Gothic Metal
Asal : Karawang,Indonesia
Web : Reverbnation

Lembah Dosa
Getir Kehidupan


Dramatical Misery is the one of gothic metal from industrial fuckin city karawang west java, in the smalltown band builded in the fisrt 2000, Dramatical Misery the first is only side project band from noisegate brutal death metal karawang,but now noise gate is disbanded, Dramatical Misery first decided to record one of their song has the tittle “tenggelam ditelan bumi” at k studio Jakarta, the song come to join enter the underground compilation “mati dan membusuk” realease by coreshop rec and distributed by edelweiss prod. The compilation get a lot of respons from the Indonesian metalhead Dramatical Misery the first line up are : Ad’ferry comin (guitars,keyboard),Piter (bass) Ajoe (growl),Evi (Femele Voices),Ronal (drum), Deni (guitar), but from time out the line up has change, ronal and deni left the band in 2002, the formation change by orox (drum) from the disfigured crust grind band karawang and negros (guitar) in 2002.. Dramatical Misery enter to the studio in the second time in 2002 the record 7 songs and performed at their debut album ‘Fearless Dimension’has concept get pure gothic doom and death, their lyric wrote about the desparate, religion, confuse and dark agony..their first album realeses by coreshop rec in 2002 and get a lot offer to theirsong in the several compilation gothic albums who realease different records in java, those album.such as black goodness rises, beauty of the darkness vol. 1 (bizarre sound), frozen compilation ( edelweiss) and a lot of gothic compilation around 2003-2006. In 2006 negros left the band and the position change by alexan as guitars, and the band realease single and work again ‘ lembah dosa and entrapted’ in 2011 the single has a good respond, the band come to follow some of metal festival around java like : monster of rock karawang, bekasi menjerit, karawang metal fest 1-2, Cirebon bawah tanah, Metal Forever Tangerang, and Indonesia Gothic Festival 2012 and alot other event in their local city. In winter 2012 the band recorded 8 new song in alfa studio and return to MB studio, the songs will join to available in their next second album nestafa akhir jaman will realeses on june 2012 summer, at the second album dramatical misery all the song average change and combine less thrash power death style in their concept and lyric wrote influence by political happening around society,plague,religion,disaster , disguisting the humankind.
Current members
Ad’ferry comin (lead guitars/backing vocal) 2000- present
Phiter ( bass ) 2000 – present
Ajo ( vocal growl ) 2000 – present
Iwan Orok ( Drums ) 2003 – present
Alex Boa ( Rhytm guitar ) 2008 – present
Idaw ( Femele Fronted Vocal ) 2007 – present
Kholik ( Additional guitar/bass/keyboards) 2008 – present
Past Members
Ronal ( drum ) 2000-2002
Deni Donat ( guitars ) 2000- 2003
Agus Negros ( Guitar ) 2003 – 2006
Evi ( Vokal ) 2000 – 2006
Fearless Dimension 2002
Lembah Dosa ( single ) 2010
Nestapa Akhir Zaman( Ep) 2011
Nestafa Akhir Jaman (album) realeses on june 2012
Compilasi :
Black goodness rises
Beuty in dark season
Mati dan membusuk
Dream insane
Cahaya bulan 2
Voices of thundering fog
The Ghost whorshipper #2
BMI Menjerit 2
Indo Goth Compilation Gothic Night
booking : idawn (085890799949) comin (08988926916)

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