Haemotodipsomania - Sexual Esploitation (2012) (Live Full-Lenght)

Band : Haemotodipsomania
Album:  Sexual Esploitation
Genre: pornogore noise
Origin : USA
Year : 2012


01.Fecal Foreplay
02.Sexually Aroused by Sadomasacistic Activity
03.Anal Bead Milita
04.Tearing through the Walls of her Utereus(guest vomits by Jon Engman(Custodian/Foetopsy)
05.Ravenous Impulse to Consume Human Flesh
06.Scat Smeared Skanks(Poop Tunes) an ode to Foetopsy
07.Semen Demons
08.Sporadic Slaying(The Extended Version)
09.Cum Cannon
10.Sexually Infatuated by Death
11.Beating Retarded Children
12.Bestial Fuck Fest
13.Cum Chugging Sluts
14.Slaughterhouse(Mortician Cover)
15.Sounds of Rancid Juices Sloshing Around Your Coffin(guest vomits by Necro Rapist(Baby Basher)
16.Gonorehea Geyser(guest vomits by Ryan(Fucksaw/Hermaphrodite Jihad)

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