Bizarre Ejaculation - Scat,Tits,Pussy And All Perversions (2012)

Band : Bizarre Ejaculation 
Album: Scat, Tits, Pussy And All Perversions 
Origin : México, Francia
Genre: Pornogore/grind,

1. Putrid Pussy Pleasures 
2. Endless Emetic Eruption of Semen & Smegma 
3. Mouthful of Septic Cum Throat Like a Dumpster 
4. Anal Copulation with a Syphilic Bitch 
5. Rectal Invasion by speculum
6. Bizarre Masturbator 
7. Anal French - Kisser 
8. Maniacal Infibulator 
9. Natural Born Rapist 
10. Bestial Cunnilingus for the Dead Bitch 
11. Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver (Torsofuck Cover)


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