Fallen Angel

Band : Fallen Angel
Genre : Hardcore
Asal: Bandung Indonesia
Label : Independent

Originated from Bandung, West Java, Fallen Angel was formed in Bandung 31 oct 2008. The band originated from the desire while in high school Bendot, and Angga wanted make a band metal genre. At that time they liked the band called Hellen Kill The Fallen Angel. Because of their joy with the band, that they'd love to have a band called Fallen Angel was they took from the end of the band's name. When they entered high school, they realize their desire to have a band and named his band Fallen Angel. The first line member is Bendot (VOC), Angga (bass), Viola (drums), Erik (lead guitar), Mimet (rhtym). Incidentally we both loved genre of metal music. we are like listening to As I Lay Dying, Lamb of god, Caliban, The Devil Wears Prada, i wrestled a bear once, Beside, Burgerkill, etc. and they give us inspiration. So we are agreed to name we are music is metalcore. At the end of 2008 Erik and Mimet out was replaced by switch Gani (lead guitar) and Rahman (rhtym). At the time we are get serious about this band, and finally we can create we are first hits "TERIAK SERUAN NERAKA". In late 2009 Bendot (VOC) resigned and we had time to break. we are had to find a replacement vocals that ultimately we are get a replacement vocal is Julian. Until now we create three songs"TERIAK SERUAN NERAKA", "REMEMBER THIS!", And "DUMB AS COMMENTATOR" And we are sure are ready to hit the world with we are songs. Keep on metal \ m /.

Teriak Seruan Neraka
Remember This

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